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מסכת פסחים דף עו

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים עו

Daf Intro

a. In daf ע''ו in מסכת פסחים the topics are on the מחלוקת of עילאה גבר , or תתאה גבר, which item is dominate when hot falls into cold, or cold falls into hot. b. On amud ב is the מחלוקת between רב , and לוי on ריחא מילתא, and לא ריחא מילתא. If aroma is strong enough to transfer taste between two foods. c. At the end of the daf the משנה contrasts the קרבן פסח, that is eaten בטומאה, and five other קרבן ציבור that is not eaten בטומאה. Key terms and concepts: מליח הרי הוא כרותח - Salted food is considered like hot food, and causes taste to be transferred. כבוש הרי הוא כמבושל - Soaking for a long time is like cooking, and it transfers taste.

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