If We All Pull Together We Can Complete Shas with Daf Hachaim!

You know it by now:  we've run into real funding challenges and we haven’t been able to make Megillah available.  But we see a way a forward.  And it doesn’t require a millionaire to get it done.
If we can find just 1,800 individuals who will support Daf Hachaim at just $1 a day, we can complete Shas!
That’s it!  That’s all it will take for us to make Daf Hachaim available again to thousands of learners in over 100 countries.  That’s all it will take to help us all learn, understand, and remember Gemara as never before.
You may be someone who is blessed enough to help at the level of $1 a day. 
Or, you may be able to team up with a friend to divide the zechus of being one of those 1800 Gold Partners. 
Or maybe you can bring this zechus to others who would be willing to help make Daf Hachaim happen for all of Klal Yisrael.
1,800 people at just $1 a day.
Together, we can make this happen. 
Will you help?  Click here.