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מסכת פסחים דף עג

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים עג

1 Minute Intro

a. In daf עג in מסכת פסחים the גמרא explains the חידש for Shechting a קרבן פסח on שבת for people who are ineligible to eat it are חייב. b. The גמרא then discusses that a קרבן that can no longer be used for its originally intended purpose loses its status as that type of קרבן , or requires specific designation as a different קרבן. Key terms and concepts: 1. מקלקל בחבורה פטור - In general one is פטור from מלאכת in a destructive way. However, there is a מחלוקת whether if this applies to the איסור making a wound. 2. בעי עקירה - It must be uprooted, its designation changes from פסח to שלמים, only at the time of שחיטה if he has specifically has in mind לשם שלמים. Until then it remains designated as a פסח. 3. לא בעי עקירה - It need not be uprooted. At the moment it is not longer fit to be brought as a פסח it automatically become a שלמים. 4. אשם שניתק לרעיה - When a אשם is no longer needed we allow the animal to graze until it develops a blemish. At this point it is sold, and the money is used for a קרבן עולה. 5. עיבור צורה - When a קרבן has an inherent פסל the קרבן itself is burned right away. 6. נראה ונדחה - Something that was once fit for a particular purpose, then became unfit.

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