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מסכת פסחים דף סו

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים סו

Daf Intro

Pesachim 66 a. In daf סו in מסכת פסחים discuss two sources where the קרבן פסח can be shechted on שבת when the קרבן פסח falls on ערב שבת. Both sources derive the הלכה from a קרבן תמיד brought on שבת. b. The גמרא then discusses of bringing the שחיטה knife to the בית המקדש by sticking the knife into the animal's wool. This is neither a violation of the קדשה of the animal, or a violation of doing מלאכה on שבת. The גמרא branches off into lesson of evil traits of arrogance, and anger. c. The daf concludes with how we know that a קרבן תמיד, and a קרבן פסח can be brought בטומאה. Key terms and concepts: 1. הנח להם לישראל אם אינם נביאים בני נביאים - We don't have ,נבואה but we descended from people who had נבואה, therefore, we have strong intuition for what is right. 2. תדיר - When something is done more frequently it is considered more important, than what is done less frequently.

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