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מסכת פסחים דף סג

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים סג

Daf Intro

a. In daf ס''ג in מסכת פסחים the topics discussed the daf begins by quoting a בראייתה that distinguished between having כוונה to שחט for circumcised people, and then for uncircumcised people, or vise versa. b. The משנה gives 3 opinions of what it takes to violate לא תשחט על חמץ דם זבחיof slaughtering a קרבן while you still have חמץ . c. Key terms and concepts: 1. אינה לשחיטה אלא בסוף - The opinion that שחיטה is defined only at the end act of שחיטה. 2. ישנה לשחיטה מתחילה ועד סוף - The entire שחיטה process, from the beginning to the end, is defined על פי הלכה as the act of שחיטה. 3. פיו ולבו שוים - What a person has in mind conforms to what he says. 4. מפגלין בחצי מתיר - A thought of פיגול can affect the קרבן even when the מחשבה was only one part of the עבודה. 5. בעינן על בסמוך - When the Torah uses the term על it does not only mean the item is in existence, but also it is nearby. 6. התראת ספק - A warning is given when you do a certain action you will be חייב a certain punishment, but it is not certain by doing that action will make him liable for that עונש. 7. לאו שאין בו מעשה - Is a transgression that is being violated without doing any concrete action, but rather passively, there is not a punishment for such a לאו.

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