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מסכת פסחים דף סא

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים סא

Daf Intro

a. In daf ס''א in מסכת פסחים the משנה discusses about a קרבן פסח that was slaughtered on a different day of the year, other than its owner, is considered kosher like a קרבן שלמים The גמרא discusses in detail the category of people who cannot eat a קרבן פסח. b. The rest of the daf focuses around a מחלוקת אמוריים the question of a קרבן that was schected for the right people with the intention for זריקה for people who cannot eat it, is it kosher? c. Key terms and concepts: 1. שינוי קודש - Also referred to ,שלא לשמה when a קרבן is brought with the intention of a different kind of קרבן. 2. שינוי בעלים - A קרבן is brought for somebody else who is not the owner. 3. מנויין - Each קרבן פסח has to be registered to the group of people who have to eat it. 4. דבר שהותר מכללו - A rule that has an exception. Like the rule the קרבן פסח cannot be brought in טומאexcept when the majority of theציבור is טמאי it can be brought.

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