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מסכת פסחים דף ס

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים ס

Daf Intro

a. In daf מסכת פסחים ס' the גמרא discusses whether פסח was slaughtered שלא לשמו, and the עבודה was done שלא לשמו, or לשמו ושלא לשמו or שלא לשמו ולשמו it is פסל. If any of the עבדת were done with the intention that the קרבן would be a שלמים the פסח is פסל. b. The גמרא discusses that a קרבן פסח can be brought any day of the year, except ערב פסח, as a שלמים, however, if he brought it לשמם פסח it is פסל, because a פסח לשם פסח can only be brought on ערב פסח. c. Key terms and concepts: 1. מחשבין מעבודה לעבודה - the idea that a person had a פסל thought during one עבודה about a second עבודה can ruin the קרבן . 2. סתמא לשמה קאי generally speaking we assume a person brought a קרבן לשמה even if it was not explicitly stated.

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