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מסכת פסחים דף פא

DEDICATED IN MEMORY OF R' Shlomie Bleier | פסחים פא

Daf Intro

a. In daf פא in מסכת פסחים the topics are if a קרבן was brought from somebody who was a זב ,at the time of the קרבן, can it be aided by the ציץ to become acceptable? b. The גמרא then discusses if a קרבן תמיד brought by a כהן who is טמא with טומאה התהום, is acceptable. c. Key terms and concepts: שומרת יום כנגד יום - When a women sees דם in the middle of her cycle, not in the usual time of נדה, for the first two days she is טמא for the days she saw the דם. If she sees דם three days in a row she is a required to observe seven clean days to become טהור again. אין דנין קל וחומר מהלכה - We cannot derive anything of a קל וחומר from a הלכה למשה מסיני edict. עצם כשעורה - A barley size bone from a dead body, or רביעית דם, can make a person טמא

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